About the Bagpipes


     The chanter is the main part of the bagpipe that makes the music. The chanter is a double reed instrument, like the oboe, although the reeds for the chanter are much thicker and a used for a longer period of time than oboe. By covering the holes, one is able to have different pitches come out. While there are only nine traditional notes, there are many great tunes for the bagpipes. Because there are only nine notes, it is difficult to play certain popular tunes, but it isn't impossible.















     The drones are the part of the bagpipes that play a single sound. There are three drones on the highland bagpipe, two tenor drones and one bass drone. The drones use a single tongue reed, like a clarinet. Most drone reed in the current time a made of plastic.














The Music

     The music of the bagpipes is quite unique. It is played through a traditional style where the rhythm is swung. There are also many different styles: there are the usual marches, in different times such as 4/4, 3/4, 6/8 etc... There are also tunes made specifically for dancers, named flings, reels, after the dances they go to. The most unique style of music for the bagpipes is the piobaireachd. It is a slow style with lots of expression and feeling to it.