Kilt- The most iconic clothing of Scotland, the kilt is the traditional clothing of the highlands.  There are many different adaptations of the kilt, but the most common one is the one seen in pipebands, known as the small kilt.  It was made common through the regimental pipebands in the Brittish army.












Prince Charlie Jacket-  The Prince Charlie Jacket is a formal jacket and vest.  It is short cut in the front and has tails in the back.  The entire jacket is embellished with buttons.  It is normally worn with a bow tie.

















Ghillies- Ghillies are the formal footwear of pipebands.   They are black shoes with long laces that one ties around their ankles.  There is metal at the heels of the ghillies to give a percussive sound while one is marching.













Sgian Dubh-  The Sgian Dubh is the small knife kept in a person's socks.  The rough translation of Sgian Dubh is "shadow knife".  While there is great history behind the Sgian Dubh, in current times it is used as decorations.  People can find them made out of different materials, from metal to plastic, and even antler.